Every day we can count on the efforts of our motivated and talented team. Perhaps you too will soon join us? Have a look at our job vacancies or send us your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application process


We prefer that you apply online.  If we have a vacancy, we will invite you for a first interview after a positive assessment.  If you do not qualify, we will inform you as soon as possible.

First interview

During the first interview, we want to know more about your expectations, motivation, experience and competencies.  We will always be very transparent about our expectations.


If you convinced us during your first interview, we will propose that you take some personality and other tests, depending on the job that you are applying for.  These tests will help us to get to know you even better and see whether you are the right candidate for the job!  Naturally we will discuss the results of the test with you.

Second interview

If the previous steps were positive, you will soon get to meet your future supervisor!

Contract discussion

After a positive final evaluation, we will make you a contract proposal!  We invite you to sign your contract and give you a short onboarding presentation and tour of your new work environment.  So you know exactly what to expect as a new Demula employee!